Latest Poetry


Lines From The Ninety-First Floor

  I have been givenwhat I never asked to see: the airborne pigeon vivisected by the scissor of an airplane’s wing, the bird’s eye open, wholly open to the ...


Except In Parts

  Inside my skull, your rendering is incomplete        Your shadow clumsy       & all lung in that dress        When I try to remember you         too closely, the ...


The Way We Treat Them

We make the elderly into prisoners Giving them a white suit To be transported from one place to another Discriminating because of background Discriminating because of ...


Albert Einstein

only a few people really try to understand relativity like my father who for decades kept the same gray book next to his bed with diagrams of arrows connecting clocks ...


The Inheritance

Stop counting other people’s money. You’re pulling from the discards. We had to liquidate your holdings to ensure your future comfort. It’s someone else’s child. It ...


When You Lift the Avocado to Your Mouth

What matters is that when you lift the avocado to your mouth you bend all your senses toward it, yet allow a sliver of its flavor to escape your lips—not into the muffled ...



They lie like stones and dare not shift. Even asleep, everyone hears in prison. Dwayne Betts deserves more than this dry ink for his teenage years in prison. In the film ...


Excerpt of a Longer Recording

A man loves silence so much, to talk to him, you sit alone in a room and have your say, leave the room, which he enters and listens to your thoughts, replies and leaves, ...


Bibbed in Paisley He Reads Žižek Instead

of pulling September’s steak tips from a bag of peas in the freezer. On his lips one hundred blue petals, dried flowers from the bottom of a former lover’s vase. He ...