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Totally Under the Water

by Natalie Shapero
Illustration by Kelly Belter

Totally Under the Water

Natalie Shapero
10 Snaps
He knew, he said, he was dying
when for two straight weeks he dreamed of 
trying to switch on a swing-arm 
lamp that wouldn’t switch on. In baths 
I’ve never gone—as they do in the movies,
to demonstrate crux and contemplation— 
totally under the water, but if 
I did, I would ponder the woman
flooring it into the cinderblock 
wall from fifty feet away. I don’t think that image 
comes from the movies. I think it comes
from the future. The future, with its color
palette of airport whites and its 
unrushed glance, its involuted 
beckoning. I see it. I can see it. At least
somebody wants me.
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