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Time Travel with Leise Hook

by Leise Hook
January 16th, 2021

In this workshop, Leise Hook teaches us to travel through time with comics. Watch the video of the livestream below and follow these steps to create your comic.

First, draw some panels!

Let’s start where we are: today! Starting with the middle panel on the top row, create a label in the corner, and write the year in it. Draw yourself as you are today.

Now, draw a self-portrait of yourself as you were one year ago. To visually emphasize how we might have changed over time, consider using the same pose or composition as you used in your “today” portrait.

Now, a third self-portrait of yourself as you might be one year in the future Consider using the same composition or layout to start your third drawing

For your final panel, draw your future self traveling back in time (to today) to give words of advice and encouragement. What does your future self say? How does your present self react?

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