The #MeToo Boutique

by Karen Mainenti
October 17th, 2018

My graphite drawings inspired by the #MeToo movement explore the parallels between recent apologies made by men accused of sexual harassment and the fault-finding marketing claims routinely displayed on consumer products for women. Reading these rich and powerful men’s public apologies, I was struck by how common it was for a woman to acknowledge (and readily purchase products) in order to correct her many “flaws”, but completely unexpected for a man to admit to any of his failings. Repentant quotes from each man’s statement are paired with popular consumer products like Irish Spring, Barbasol, and Speed Stick. Each quote is then given further context by using elements from the actual packaging design—Maximum confidence! Feel clean and fresh!—thus exposing the irony of such a juxtaposition.

—Karen Mainenti



“There Are No Excuses” Protein Powder by Mario Batali, Chef (Muscle Milk)
“I’m Not the Man I Thought I Was” Hair Color by Harvey Weinstein, Producer (Just for Men Mustache & Beard)
“I Pledge To Be A Better Man” Shaving Cream by Donald Trump, U.S. President (Barbasol)
“I Feel Disgusted With Myself” Deodorant Soap by Al Franken, U.S. Senator (Irish Spring)
“All My Flaws” Deodorant Stick by Jeffrey Tambor, Actor (Speed Stick)
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