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A Question Looking at Men Looking at Women

by Jameson Fitzpatrick
September 12th, 2018

after Siri Hustvedt

It’s wrong, I know.
Not the watching, but the wanting

to be the one watched: the woman,
if not the man who wants her,

who I want. I want him
to look at me

the way I catch him
look at her, subtle,

so as not to bother her
with his desire. But she notices.

Women do. Have to.
And I notice her noticing,

because I sit where I sit
opposite them in this subway car.

He asks for directions.
She gives them, returns

his smile and then,
still smiling, to her book.

It might be important to mention
he’s handsome. The paint

on his boots. That I can’t know
what it’s like. He gets off first.

Men do. I watch her look
over the top of her book at him

looking back at her
as he exits, smiling to herself.

Every time someone I know
shows me she’s

a woman, I’m jealous.
It’s wrong, I know

gender isn’t a question
of who’s looking, but I don’t know

what it’s asking. What I am. All my life
I’ve thought about it.

All my life I’ve been thinking of men.

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