Diorama 1871 (Head Resting Against a Lace Antimacassar)

by Catie Rosemurgy
Illustration by Katherine Shapiro

Diorama 1871 (Head Resting Against a Lace Antimacassar)

Catie Rosemurgy
11 Snaps

I don’t get to be the same person each time, but still,

think of all the atrocities I’ve climbed out of.


It helps to carry a rope.

I sound ominous but what I’m saying is gentle.

A rope accompanies you as you climb,

shows you where you’re going,

up, up.


And eventually the people will want to be led out through the woods,

pastures, fields, rivers, creeks, and streams to the shaded garden

where they will raise their children.

Not all people will want this.

Just the ones who burned down the last garden.

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