About - Believer Magazine


The Believer, a twelve-time National Magazine Award finalist, is a literature, arts, and culture magazine published by the Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute, and based in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

In each issue, readers will find journalism, essays, intimate interviews, an expansive comics section, poetry, timely and untimely reviews, and on occasion, delightful and unexpected bonus items. The magazine is edited by a group of novelists, poets, artists, critics, regular readers of the Chicago Manual of Style, and aficionados of print and digital literature. Our regular columnists are Nick Hornby and Peter Orner.

All editions of The Believer are perfect-bound and printed by friendly Canadians on recycled, acid-free, heavy-stock paper and suitable for archiving, framing, or reading in the tub. We publish five issues a year, including one double issue. Questions? Please give us a call: (866) 930-0264 or reach us by email: [email protected].

The Believer staff works avidly to ensure the accuracy of the information it provides in its pages and on believermag.com. This information frequently relies on data obtained from many sources, however, and The Believer cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided or any analysis based thereon. The Believer, its affiliates, and content licensees assume no liability for any inaccurate or incomplete information, nor for any actions taken in reliance thereon.